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Everything you need to know about Google AdMob!

Have you ever heard about an app that you can earn money with mobile advertising? If not, here it is. You can continue reading to learn more about it.

1.1 What is Google AdMob, and how does it begin?

The term “AdMob” is derived from the words “mobile advertising” and “advertising.” AdMob is a company that focuses on mobile marketing. Omar Hamoui founded it on April 10, 2006, As a Wharton School of Business student. The company’s headquarters are in Mountain View, California.

In November 2009, Google bought it for $750 million. The purchase was completed on May 27, 2010. Apple Inc. expressed interest in purchasing the company the same year, but Google outbid them.

A platform for developing advertisements in iPhone applications, AdWhirl, was acquired by AdMob before it was acquired by Google, as was Adrollo. In addition to Android, iOS, and WebOS, AdMob supports Flash Lite and Windows Phone and all standard mobile web browsers.

Every month, AdMob claims to serve over 40 billion mobile banner and text ads across mobile Websites and handset applications.

While at Google I/O, Google announced on May 16, 2013, that they were rebuilding AdMob to use technology from their other platforms, such as their AdSense platform, to help app developers grow their businesses.

Your ad requests can be fulfilled by AdMob from anywhere in the world because it’s one of the world’s largest ad networks. You can achieve maximum revenue per impression with the most sophisticated monetization technology.

1.2 Process of Google AdMob

First of all, you should have to own or create an app on your device. Then AdMob provides a way for Google to assist you in earning more money from your app using AdMob’s services.

Apps that meet the criteria set by AdMob are matched with ads. To promote their products, advertisers create and pay for the ads. Ads are priced differently by these advertisers, so how much money you make will vary as well. Simply put, this is how Google AdMob is processing with your app.

1.3 Google AdMob Privacy policies and requirements

AdMob has three main requirements to make money.

1. An app of high quality and originality, which you own.

2. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

3. An AdMob account that is hosted.

There are no differences between the policies of Google AdMob and Google AdSense.

1.4 How to get started with Google AdMob?

After reading this article, you will learn how to monetize your app in Google AdMob correctly.

Let’s begin.

1. To sign in, go to the Google AdMob website and click on the Sign In button. Click on Sign Up and then on Create a New Account if you don’t have an account.

2. Upon logging in, click on the ‘Monetize’ tab at the top of the page, followed by ‘Monetize New App.’

3. AdMob needs a few details from you to get you started with your app monetization and provide you with an SDK for your app. Search for your app if you’ve already uploaded it, or select the app you’ve already installed in the system.

4. Provide a name for the ad and choose the type of ad you want to display. Define the type of content you want in your ad. You can also select the ad’s Refresh Rate and the ad’s Content Options. Smaller Refresh Rates will display more ads by consuming more network bandwidth than more significant Refresh Rates.

5. You can also choose from a variety of text ad types. You will be shown how the ad will appear in the app, allowing you to see how the ad you are creating will look and feel.

6.AdMob will now provide you with the Ad Unite ID, which you should save for future use.

7. This will help you display various analytics and reports on user demographics and behavior, sessions, revenue, and more in the Firebase console. This can be done without the need for additional coding as well.

8. This is followed by downloading the Google Mobile Ads SDK and the Integration Check Guide.

9. If you want to use Interstitial Ads, you must first complete the first three steps. Since there are three types of ads in this ad, including text, image, and video, you can choose one, two, or even all of them. Selecting the capping is next.

10. After all, the advertising unit ID will be displayed on AdMob and saved for later use.

1.5 Pro tips for Google AdMob

To make your Google AdMob account easier to use, I’ll share a few pro tips!

1.AdMob’s innovative ad formats will help you engage and retain your users. And you can add interstitial and native ads to your app to customize the user experience and earn more revenue.

2. Developing mobile apps should require you to make smarter decisions to increase your mobile app revenue and user satisfaction. As a result, AdMob’s robust reporting and measurement features will provide you with a deeper understanding of how your users are interacting with your mobile app and ads in the future. AdMob’s direct integration with Google Analytics for Firebase allows you to gain even more insight.

3. AdMob’s automated tools can also be used to streamline your daily tasks. From cutting-edge brand safety controls to advanced monetization technology with mediation and bidding, their tools are easy to set up and integrate and offer a wide range of functionality.

4. Your users will be able to cross-promote your apps when you use AdMob house ads if you have more than one app.

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